SourcePure CBD Formulas

Utilize one of the purest form of CBDs in the world to address a specific need, such as stress response, minor physical discomfort, or sleeplessness. SourcePure CBD formulas feature time-tested ingredients designed and blended with the benefit of 40-plus years in the natural health industry.*

SourcePure CBD Mood

SourcePure CBD Mood contains KSM-66® ashwagandha. KSM-66 ashwagandha is an ingredient which has been clinically shown to help balance stress response and anxiety. Also included are folic acid, which supports the healthy production of the mood-regulating neurotransmitter serotonin, as well as GABA and holy basil leaf.*

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SourcePure CBD Mood Veggie Capsules 10mg
SN2847 60 vc $35.98

SourcePure CBD Relief

SourcePure CBD Relief contains turmeric and its active constituents, known as curcuminoids. Curcuminoids have been shown in clinical studies to promote relief of occasional minor discomfort associated with everyday activities. Also included are corydalis and willow bark, which have been used traditionally to relieve occasional discomfort.*

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SourcePure CBD Relief Tablets 10mg
SN2841 60 tabs $34.98

SourcePure CBD Sleep

SourcePure CBD Sleep contains melatonin. Melatonin is an ingredient which promotes restful sleep. Also included are passionflower and lemon balm, herbs traditionally used to provide sleep support.*

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SourcePure™ CBD Sleep Veggie Capsules 10mg
SN2844 60 vc $33.50